Our Club is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and was established in 2011.

Barcelona Nevada was created to give players and coaches of all ages and walks of life an equal opportunity to learn to play and coach soccer with a club that will teach the game with the highest level of care and respect to each and every member in the club. The club consists of two divisions: Academy/Competitive and Recreational. Although each branch is managed separately, they are still unified by the same philosophy and methodology of “total futbol” that our club represents.

Mission Statement

Barcelona Nevada was established to give coaches and players from all walks of life the opportunity to learn and play both recreational and competitive soccer in a manor that represent the philosophy, methodology, integrity and style of “possession futbol or total futbol” as they relate to the system of “tiki-taka” soccer.

Club Overview

BARCELONA NEVADA was founded to create a platform that would allow soccer players the opportunity to develop their soccer skills at a higher and more competitive level while maintaining an emphasis on the development of the individual players. It is the philosophy of the founders to focus on each player 1 on 1 with highest level of respect and care to help the individual with achieving their personal goals in practice and in live game play. All players alike will learn and have an understanding that they all play an important and vital role to the success of their fellow players, team and club in which they represent. This is the fundamental philosophy that the BARCELONA NEVADA Soccer Club was founded on. We are united by a common idea.

“THE POWER OF ONE” Barcelona NV – Motto

ONE individual playing for ONE team, made up of fellow colleagues and friends, playing together as ONE unit with ONE purpose and ONE Goal, win or lose!!

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