Nevada’s Big Give!! Please consider helping at great cause.

The demographics of the young people we endeavor to serve are predominately from low income, minority populated communities in Nevada.

Our mission is clear…we are established to embrace, nurture, and grow the human spirit of young boys and girls through the building of self-confidence, teaching the values of working together as one, and achieving athletic and academic success.

What we do… This organization looks to build future leaders that will positively affect our communities and society. It all begins with caring for each of the young individuals that we impact through various economic and community development projects, programs and services.

Operating in the economy we are currently experiencing is challenging for our families.We do not want to turn any child away from experiencing the excitement and fulfillment that our organization can bring to their life. There are several ways you can support these young athletics and future community and corporate leaders.

We are proud to provide the opportunity for predominately underprivileged elementary, middle school and high school children to learn to play soocer at first class facilities under the tutelage of professional soccer trainers. At a time when after-school programs, especially athletic programs, largely have been eliminated, we fill that void in many of Las Vegas needed communites. Provided that the children continue to academically achieve at their respective schools, they are allowed to participate beginning at the age of 5 on our soccer teams, soccer clinics, and summer camps.

Our objectives…

  1. To encourage academic achievement
  2. To teach the benefits of teamwork, not only in sport
  3. To promote the principles of sportsmanship and mutual respect.

Our program…

Assitance and Social Cohesion: To provide support and assistance to children who do not have the economic where-with-all to take part in after school sports activities. With our support, they now have access to our soccer teams, summer camps, clinics, seminars, trips and educational counseling.

Sportsmanship: The sportsmanship part of our program is designed to encourage sports activities taht are more demanding, in term of moral education among youths, and therefore increase positive social aspects more efficiently.

Sports, It’s a Cultural Component: Through our Sports Program we focus on the development of social and cultural experiences through travel. These experiences are an integral aspect to the concepts of team unity and quality of life as well as social cohesion of all our youths. Furthermore, the aspects of respect, fellowship, fair play, and discipline that our youths learn through sport encourage social cohesion and are in direct contrast with the discrimination of minorities.




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