Currently, FC Barcelona’s “style philosophy is considered to be the best in all of soccer.  FC Barcelona is famous for their great passing, movement on and off the ball, and of course their possession of the ball. The world has seen many of the best players, Messi, Xavi, Iniesta & Puyol to name a few, develop and thrive to greatness within the Barcelona system. This is a system “that has been implemented within this club adding to it with its own Catalan flavor. The results of what we see today did not happen over night. This system of play is the look and style that has been mastered for over 100 years. It is referred to by the Spaniards and the rest of the world as Total Futbol/Tiki-Taka!

With this in mind we at Barcelona NV understand that this result on the pitch takes hard work and time. By joining Barcelona NV you will adopt and incorporate this possession based methodology, ideology, and philosophy. We at Barcelona NV will teach our teams to play and master one style, one formation, all the time throughout all our squads. We understand that as a club this very structure is fundamental in the advancement of the entire club, team and individual player. This philosophy will help our players and teams to integrate and advance within our club program.

Keeping in the same spirit of the FC Barcelona model of producing players from within, we are committed to developing our own talent. With each season, there continues to be more and more great talent that our club has developed.  With each passing year our teams and our talent continue to develop and move up in the local and national rankings.

To understand "Barcelona NV" begins with understanding that we are ONE unified club

Some key aspects of the "Barcelona NV" style of play are:

Style of Play

  • Each player on the team will be trained to be able to control the ball excellently.
  • Each player on the team will be trained to be fantastic distributers of the ball.
  • Each player on the team will be trained and developed in the concepts of spacing.

To achieve success our club always strives to bring new methods and teachings to our members.

As a soccer club we are always striving to bring new methods and teachings to our members from here and abroad. Our coaches are expected to continue their coaching education in order to bring new teachings and philosophy to our students. Our club and staff will participate in regular clinics conducted both here in the US as well as in Barcelona, Spain.

This is BARCELONA NV futbol!!

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